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Thursday, March 23, 2006


"Will and Grace" is one of my favourite TV series. I love the relationship between Will and Grace and I would kill to have a male friend like Will but as in the series, such an ideal man-woman friendship is elusive in the real world and you can have such a relationship with a man only if he is gay and as Grace puts it (while citing the lack of female friends in her life) that the only girlfriends in her life are men.

My favourite character is "Just Jack"! He is just about the cutest thing to hit this earth! If I knew him, I would keep him all to myself like I would keep my fondest memory!

I was watching this episode of W n' G yesterday called Gay it Forward. Karen fixes Will with Barry, a guy who's just come out of the closet for a date. Barry, like a fledgling gay man, looks bewildered and therefore is not even close to Will's idea of a perfect date. He is scruffy, badly dressed, carries a backpack, wears glasses and looks confused.

Needless to say, Will breaks it off with Barry which leaves Barry shattered. Enter, Jack and there ensues a long dialogue between the both. I will post this conversation, after which my love for Just Jack was confirmed forever.
WILL: I just had to let Barry down. The guy just came out and his first real date rejects him.
JACK: What?! He's never been with a man before?! So he's the virgin Barry.
WILL: I feel bad for him.
JACK: Of course you feel bad. You are Barry. Barry is you. Ergo, you is Barry.
WILL: Ergo, you is idiot.
JACK: Perhaps. But I remember another boy who struggled on his way out of the closet. He had a little crush on me. I found him repellent. But still, I took him under my wing. I fixed his hair. Taught him how to dress.
WILL: Yeah, you sent me to job interview wearing leg warmers with Chinese slippers.
JACK: Perhaps. But the point is, we senior gays have a responsibility to the freshmen. To teach them, to bring them along. Why, I helped turn this caterpillar into a chubby butterfly. And now you should do the same for Barry.
WILL: Why? Why is this my responsibility?
JACK: Because that's what we do in the community. We gay it forward.
WILL: How long you been sitting on that one?
JACK: Pretty much since the movie came out.